Wednesday, July 25, 2007

She Likes It

The very moment I stood up for a break, there was Annie, right on top of the MS3. This was taken yesterday morning.
Today, just now actually, I discovered I will have to rip back at least five or six rows. I don't know if I have the patience to release the stitches and try to make the missed yarn over (in a most obvious spot at that!), because then I will have to go back and fix what I tried to "fix" in a cheater's way of getting extra stitches. I knew it couldn't be this easy. I was having FUN knitting lace...with beads! Totally entertained. Should have known there would be a catch. But the fixing will have to wait for later. After work and after the kids are in bed. Last night I was foolish enough to knit on MS3 while watching Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest. Serves me right.


Michelle said...

Bummer! I am embarking on my lace far so good although I have not put a life line in yet. I know that is going to come back to me.

Mary Anne said...

oh that would be so frustrating. maybe after a break you will feel more ready to tackle it. very cute picture of Annie!