Thursday, August 16, 2007


Yes, you do. Go HERE. I'll wait.

Welcome back. And you're welcome.

As you can see, I am back. My computer is back. Rather, a computer is back. Everything is different. Takes getting used to, for a non-computer-geek like me. Paranoia is running a little high still that it will all turn to big heavy paper weight at the push of a wrong button; I'm even contemplating computer courses to reduce the risk. (Did I just say that?) Yes, well, don't hold me to that.

MS3 is still lingering at the last couple rows of clue 1. Shameful. I know better than to work on it watching tv, but knitting and tv just go together so well. Know what I mean? I am getting good at reading my knitting which helps a lot in discovering goof-ups early on. At least that's what I tell myself. When I stopped last, I had tinked back a whole row, and set the MS3 aside; I'm a little worried that the mistake might be lower down. Procrastination. Should have been my middle name.
Harlot in Halifax update: at long last. Alison and I met up in Bedford, and after much dithering in Sunnyside Mall (which would have been better spent in a yarn shop!) we heading to Halifax and Spring Garden Road. I adore Spring Garden Rd. It meets up at Public Gardens which are always lovely. We lunched at Mexicali Rosa's and made silly remarks, that should Stephanie be in her room at the Lord Nelson (right across the street), Alison was more than willing to wave and invite her to join us.
We stopped into the Halifax Public Library and perused their knitting book selection. Eventually we wandered down to the Loop. Ah, wouldn't it be fabulous to have an unlimited yarn budget? I had three balls of Opal picked out after spending much time fondling the many pretty yarns. What did I walk out with? Three skeins of Misti Alpaca Lace 2 ply in a beautiful yellow! Plus some Pony needles.
We never made it to L.K. Yarns. Personally I think it's too much stuff in such a tiny shop, and all the acrylic baby yarns? Michaels carries it all so why waste the precious room. Service, or lack there-of, is probably the main reason I don't frequent that shop more often, even if they have a good selection of Lopi and Fleece Artist at hand.
The Lord Nelson staff was bound and determined not to let us knitters into the ballroom early to get comfortable. Once we finally got in line, I was surprised that there were tickets being handed out. I jokingly said to Alison that they must be drink tickets, but the hotel staff was quick to inform me that they couldn't have a hotel full of unruly knitters. Imagine that!
Listening to The Harlot was a delight. Her dry wit had me almost constantly laughing. I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed myself so much (yes, Alison, it may have had something do with the pre-event martinis we satisfied our thirst with, but I don't think so). Stephanie sounded so nervous for the first while. Public speaking not being my thing either, I felt for her. When Alison first spotted her in the Lord Nelson bar, I actually thought she may come in for a pint; you know, to ease the nerves. (Steph, I'm not suggesting anything.) And for the record, Jason, the young handsome waiter provided excellent service!
As promised, here is proof that I met the Harlot herself. Thanks to Alison for kindly taking a redo photo. The first one was a bit "manic" looking, both Steph and I grinning in a rather wild way, and trying to bridge our height gap: her on her toes, me bending my knees. We looked like a couple of jacks-in-a-box. Not so flattering. This one is much better.
When I finally move to New Brunswick, will you manage a tour stop there too?


Lene Andersen said...

Better. Much less manic. ;)

Congrats on the new 'puter!

Dorothy said...

Nice picture!
Glad it's not just me who finds the service at LK Yarns lacking. I emailed them about a month ago looking for some yarn - and am still waiting to hear back from them if they have that certain color I want in stock. In the meantime a friend has gone into the shop, looked, saw it and left it there because no one even let on that they saw her in the store!

Alison said...

Hi Barbara. Thanks for your comment on my blog. The trip to GVF was so disappointing, because I had heard so many good things about it, and we'd been planning the trip for ages. I'm going to stick with the Loop and Tangled Skeins for just now--TS is a two minute walk from work!

Ali P said...

I done took-ed a good picture! (pats own back) I think you look fabulous, dahling.