Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hi...I'm Back

I got back from Halifax. And promptly killed my computer. That doesn't mean there won't be a complete update on the whole Harlot experience and pictures. (...Harlot: "who are you?" as I present three of her books for autographing.
Me: "Barbara from Nova Scotia"
Harlot: "Really?"
Me: "Yup."
Harlot: standing up and shaking my hand, "I am so glad to finally meet you..."
Me: thinking: "She wanted to meet me!" Laughing on the inside lest I seem like an escapee from a mental ward...)
It will all have to wait until I get my computer ticking again like an old reliable. Good grief, I never realized how much I depend on it for contact with other adults. Husband was fit to be tied yesterday. Mad, mad, mad. I may be a few crumbs short of a cookie when it comes to understanding computers. Yeah well.


Deb B. in NS said...

Pretty cool day, wasn't it?

When I handed her my book to autograph and she started writing my name before I told her who I was, I darned near did some pants-peeing.

Deb B,

Ali P said...

I think I was vaguely frightening. I went completely blank in her presence and then blathered...and maybe forgot my name for a tick.
VERY JEALOUS of Barb's cool quotient. La Harlot was thrilled to meet her. Me? Not so very. wah.