Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Of Socks And Booze

Another pair of socks for Colin. Knit to the very end of the ball of yarn; switched to the accent colour for the toes.

Nothing warms a knitter's heart more than an off-spring that enjoys knitted goodies. Another pair or two, and Colin should be all set for socks for this school year, at least until Christmas. And that's one less ball of sock yarn in the stash.

A long time ago (not really, but it feels like she's been gone forever), when Alison was moving from NS to QC, I was a very lucky recipient of several balls of yarn in her attempt to have as little "stuff" as possible to actually move. Lookie here Alison: I'm finally knitting up the sock yarn you gave me. About time, eh? It's squishy and I bet it will be super comfy to wear. That's why these particular socks will be for me! Hee hee.

What's with all the sock knitting? Small. Portable. Perfect for my attention span these days.

I did work on the Lopi yesterday, though not for very long. Almost done the second sleeve. I am following a pattern (don't look so shocked), but the temptation was great to rip both sleeves and start them again when I contemplated how freakishly wide they appear. It might because I've been all about fitted stuff the past few months.

After a recent conversation with Alison (there is that name again; to visit her, click on Ali P in the side bar), I've come to the conclusion that I may have to re-evaluate my storage. It's all her fault too. If she had never introduced me to martinis, I would still be blissfully using my bar hutch for yarn and project storage. There is the bag with MS3 in the top left corner, and another bag there on the right with the cotton top from last summer, hidden from sight, hidden from conscience. And all that Alpaca? Can't have the cats sleeping on that. Yes, my new martini glasses would probably enjoy this space so much more, and the booze bottles would be safely hidden out of Hobbes' eyesight. Out of sight = out of mind. Can't have a repeat performance of last Friday, now can we?


Ali P said...

Ok...you know girl, everything is NOT my fault!! You are always throwing it MY way. Geez louise... you know, it wouldn't be so bad if it was only you but I get this from Marla and Julie too so maybe it IS all my fault..
Oh man, I STILL love that colourway. So autumny and rich. Looks awesome. Wear them with joy babes.

Dorothy said...

Being nosey - how's the house selling going? Was the offer an acceptable one?
We've never sold, only bought. And in the middle of buying we went on vacation and left my brother to deal with it all. LOL
I do hope that it's going smoothly for you.
and brave of you to show where you stash the yarn - I'd be too scared to share my yarn stash pictures!!!