Saturday, August 11, 2007


*I* did not kill my computer. No matter what my hubby is telling everyone to the contrary. I am now totally guilt free. Guilt is a powerful thing. And not in a good way.
My new favourite person is in the process of giving life to my lifeline to the outside world, the computer. A much bigger hard drive and much more RAM (whatever it all means...I just kept nodding my head and saying "...yes, my guilt can afford that..." and it will all make me much happier apparently. He says so. It better be so!

Hey Steph? Thanks for the picture. It sure looks like I just escaped from the funny farm. Which is pretty ironic, since 1) I live on a farm, and 2) it's a pretty funny place to be, especially when the duck is giving a rooster a piggy back ride, if you get my meaning...wink wink. Yes, funny things go on at my farm.

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