Monday, September 12, 2005

And she's Back

Lois is back. It's a little unsettling how quickly she made herself at home here. Almost like she put on a big show for her adoptive family, pretending to be all scared of their "mean, old doggie" (Lois' words, not mine!). They returned her to the SPCA, claiming that she was absolutely terrified of their old Scottish Sheep dog. Yeah, ok. I have an eight-year old English Springer. She wasn't the least bit scared of MY dog. I get the impression she is comfortable here. Hmm. Six cats live here already. Does that sound like I want to adopt another? Not.

In other news, I have to say that I have extremely nice and generous friends. Jo-Ann is an example. I visited with her and her animals today. Jo-Ann co-exists with many, many exotic fiber animals: llamas, alpaca, angora goats... In exchange for fiber, I am one of her knitters. A better system could not exist. And today, she lent me the use of her spinning wheel, to take home and learn to spin on and practice on until I can afford to buy my dream wheel: The Kromski Mazurka. A Polish-made spinning wheel for a Polish born and bred fiber-a-holic.

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