Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Increasing the pace...

I thrive on pressure of a deadline. Honestly. What I get accomplished with the deadline looming over my head like a guillotine is nothing short of miraculous. But I must admit that with "THE DAY" getting closer even as I write this, the handknit Christmas (or more politically correct Holiday) might not have been such bright idea. I am feeling the pressure. I believe I am knitting faster. Will I achieve all my goals? Time will tell. After all, there are just under 2 weeks left. LOTS of time... Every year is pretty much the same, except this year I decided to put my foot down! Yes! It would be homemade gifts all around. Is there something really, truly wrong with that? How am I supposed to teach about the spirit of this season by running to the mall every available moment? The shops in Penhorn Mall in Dartmouth whined about the power being off after the snow storm last weekend. Yes, it might have cut into their profits a bit, but honestly, I wonder if any of them truly minded staying home and enjoying time with their families. So they had to shovel snow. We live in Canada. What else can be expected?? This is what my kids did to pass the time:
I like to think they had more fun doing that, than breathing recycled air in some mall.

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