Monday, May 08, 2006

The Knitting Gene

Two weeks ago, my daughter had a day off while the new primary kids got to spend a day in school. We played, we laughed, we KNIT. Yup, proof positive that she wasn't switched at birth (and maybe that she kind of looks like me). I probably don't have to say just how cool I think this is!

Last week the black flies made their first appearance in all their glory (and my misery). Last night I picked the first tick off my neck. I'm filled to the brim with warm fuzzies at all these firsts... not to mention Benadryl.

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NeedleTart said...

That's why I like the idea of the country and live on 4 lots in the middle of the city. Lots of room for all those gardeny things, neighbors far enough away, no ticks to speak of. As for what Step-grandmothers should be called: What does the step-child call you? Barbara or Mom? And have you considered another language? Mormor, Ema, Baba? Let us know when you decide.