Thursday, September 20, 2007

No Pressure

Gee, Alison. Pushy! I'm updating already, ok?

First of all, thanks for all your encouraging comments. It never occurred to me that giving them (the community) something to talk about could be a good thing. Then I started thinking about it, and you're all absolutely right. In your face, you narrow and closed minded people!! I have nothing to hide! I did nothing wrong! Maybe it's jealousy. Who knows. Who cares. I have been back a couple times and had lovely visits both times. Unfortunately from my friend's point of view, he feels his privacy has been invaded. So the question remains: is no place sacred? Is it really all that necessary to erect walls and fences to ensure our privacy and peace? Why??

* * *

On a lighter note, I've been knitting. I've also been reading. And as of late, have found myself strangely sucked in to watching the Animal Planet channel. Fascinating.

Reading: Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher. I have the large print version and that is 797 pages long. Wonderful story. Set mostly in norther Scotland and England. Beautifully written. I won't write any more about it since I will most likely write too much. You should read it.


  1. My urban camo vest is ready to be finished.

  2. Colin's urban camo sweater needs half a second sleeve and then will be ready for finishing as well.

  3. The Autumn socks have the both legs done. I may have mentioned that I screwed up the heel (I am learning a new technique) and so ripped it back and haven't attempted another go. Problem being that I usually knit socks watching TV, and for a new technique I naturally have to concentrate more on that than some poor animal getting rescued. What a dilemma.

  4. Yesterday was awards night at the junior/high school and I started a new sock. Regia in 6 ply. They will be knee highs for me, warm ones. Winter is coming. Did you hear? (Sorry about that...) I got a good amount done in the couple hours we were there, even with all the clapping. I knit when my hands got too sore to clap. And through the principle's speech. Geez, that man can go on. **As an aside, I found out that last year, the grade 8 students participated in a national scholastic testing. Disturbingly, the national average was only 53%. Now is that something to be proud of?? I was shocked. Even more so that the school felt a need to recognise those students that achieved the average or above. Believe it or not, only a handful of students received certificates. The highest mark from NGRHS? 73% Shouldn't the focus be on why the scores were so pathetically low??? Surely we want our students walking away from school with more than 53% of the knowledge they are supposed to be receiving. **

  5. This is not technically a knitting point, but it's about yarn. LOL Last Saturday, hubby took me out on a "date", meaning we managed to get out of the house without the kids! Yahoo! We had a lovely time. Part of the date was spent strolling around Mahone Bay and visiting various shops. Naturally we stopped at Have a Yarn, where, get this, he had a falling down accident with his credit card. Because he loves me. I did pick all sale items so the injury wouldn't be so painful! *Grin*

Today we get to find out what is going on with the sale of our house. If the buyers secured financing and remove the condition, we're going to NB this weekend house hunting. If they ask for an extention, we would quite realistically be here until Christmas. That's not to say I haven't been rounding up boxes for packing. I have hope. *Grin*

In cat news, there is a strong possibility that I may have found a home for Rosie, the SPCA cat I've been fostering. It's a good thing.

Also, Brianna's cat, Sugar, had her kittens yesterday. Five in all. All are doing well. We'll most likely keep one and find homes for the rest once the time comes. Not to mention get Sugar spayed once she's ready.

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Ali P said...

(pathetic groan of wantingness) uuunnnnggghhh..bebe kittehs!! Am overwhelmed with the adorable cutenessess...oh gods the pain of not being able to snorgle one in person...ummmph...urg..

For some reason i always thought Sugar was white...