Thursday, June 19, 2008

There Has Been Knitting

There will be some ripping too. This wide scarf, a total pig to photograph, will be hitting the frog pong in the very near future. Fleece Artist is too expensive to stay in the back of a closet, collecting dust. This underused scarf will most likely become a shawl collar on a sweater I've been eyeballing recently. And a relatively simple pattern can get some of that wow-factor with a small addition of Fleece Artist (oh, how I love her colours). This is a second sweater in progress, bound for sale at Candle In The Window in Port George. The pictures of the first sweater (original design and everything!) seemed to have vanished into thin air. Good thing I took notes. The pictures were just for gloating purposes.

And naturally there's another sock on the needles. Pointdexter must have figured my lap was cold or something. Ignore the helmet head. I took the kids for a long bike ride and they were absolutely ecstatic. Especially Colin, because it was the longest ride he's ever been on, and we went on main roads. I don't know how long the whole trip was, maybe 3 miles or so? I will have to dream up other routes since it went over so well. I can see a lot of biking in my future. I might actually get in shape this summer! Yes.

I finished this skirt a couple weeks ago. The ties need some beads to pretty them up, and then I need to sew a simple slip in a matching colour. Not a difficult pattern, nor a time consuming one. It's from Knitting Lingerie Style by Joan McGowan-Michael, the Fit-n-Flare Trumpet Skirt. Fun, fun.

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willowtree said...

Well isn't that just cats for ya! Mine like to take up that exact same position when I'm on the computer.