Friday, August 01, 2008


Halls Harbour, NS.

Dorothy, I suppose I deserve all that teasing. I finally buckled under the pressure and cast on a sock.

That's how far I got before ripping back to the cuff again. See that ladder? So not cool. This yarn contains 7% elastic which makes it lovely and stretchy, which I totally adore, but which also makes it a bit of a pain to knit. Any hints on knitting with this yarn without over-stretching??

Hubby loves me. He bottled my wine today. Talk about an all day evolution. I think this batch is called Neirsteiner, from Germany. At the wine store it's sold in pretty blue bottles. Yummy. My hubby correctly stated that there is a lot of knitting in those bottles. *as I walk away laughing gleefully*


Dorothy said...

heh heh heh ... got you! :)

Those boats in the first picture aren't going any where fast, are they?

I like the yarn colors.

lexa said...

I didn't use that kind before, but I've used Patons Stretch Sock. I pulled the yarn pretty much like I usually do on all other socks. I've always been told that when you start the "new" needle to pull more on the second stitch than the first stitch. That helps avoid ladders better.