Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Both kids are home from school today, sick. Thanks to them, or rather their germ infested school, and because my kids are very, very good at sharing, I am sick too. Life is grand. NOT. There will be knitting today. Maybe. From the couple comments to yesterday's post, you ladies are under the impression that that's all I have in terms of WIP. Wrong. Sorry to disillusion you all. There are sweaters, there are blankets, there are lace shawls... There is a shrug. I am not going to share with you precisely how many of each there are. And most assuredly I am not going to post photos of those WIP. Maybe as I finish them, I'll show off a little. However, I may have already gotten sidetracked. Knit and Tonic has this really cute Girlfriend Shrug, for free. My girlfriend is sicky and may need a cute shrug to cheer her up. See, told you. Sidetracked.

Knit on.


lexa said...

As my co-worker, T, said the other day, school is back in, so the "germ bags" (as he calls kids) start spreading everything around.

AliP said...

Your WIPs pile makes me feel better about myself. THANK YOU!!! (in my usual sing songy way...LOL) I only have 3 pair of socks, the same shrug as you, and a mitred mitten. These are what actually on the needles.
Queued up?? Oh mommy.... :o(P