Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Both kids are home from school today, sick. Thanks to them, or rather their germ infested school, and because my kids are very, very good at sharing, I am sick too. Life is grand. NOT. There will be knitting today. Maybe. From the couple comments to yesterday's post, you ladies are under the impression that that's all I have in terms of WIP. Wrong. Sorry to disillusion you all. There are sweaters, there are blankets, there are lace shawls... There is a shrug. I am not going to share with you precisely how many of each there are. And most assuredly I am not going to post photos of those WIP. Maybe as I finish them, I'll show off a little. However, I may have already gotten sidetracked. Knit and Tonic has this really cute Girlfriend Shrug, for free. My girlfriend is sicky and may need a cute shrug to cheer her up. See, told you. Sidetracked.

Knit on.


lexa said...

As my co-worker, T, said the other day, school is back in, so the "germ bags" (as he calls kids) start spreading everything around.

Ali P said...

Your WIPs pile makes me feel better about myself. THANK YOU!!! (in my usual sing songy way...LOL) I only have 3 pair of socks, the same shrug as you, and a mitred mitten. These are what actually on the needles.
Queued up?? Oh mommy.... :o(P