Tuesday, December 08, 2009

December FO

I finished knitting the scarf at the cottage and delivered it to Beatrice last weekend. It turned out well, and now I'm thinking I'd like one for myself, perhaps 2 cables' worth wider for a true shawl. I didn't have the yarn recommended in the pattern so I did some major stash busting and used a strand of 100% wool and one of 100% nubby silk, final length being approximately 175cm (my height). First picture is colour accurate.

I finally finished knitting Colin's socks, in stretch Regia. I didn't like the way this yarn pooled in some spots, creating obnoxious splotches of colour. Bleh. No picture. They don't deserve to be photographed.

Thanks Holly. Here's the link for the pattern for the cabled duffle coat.


holly said...

lovely scarf, and isn't nice on those rare occasions when the amount of stash yarn goes down ,not up?

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...


Caroline said...

Beatiful scarf, Barabara, and your house looks so cozy in the background.