Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Knitting Up a Storm

On Saturday, I journeyed to Gaspereau Valley Fibres to take in the Annual Back to Back and Sheep to Shawl competitions. I am proud to say that my yarn diet remains intact, although I do confess to fondling lots and lots of delicious and very beautiful wool, and even carrying some skeins around with me for a time. Watching the very talented women spinning (dirty) fleece, inspired me to purchase one of Debbie's (not Barnhill) lovely fleece, with Tina promising to teach me to spin in the near future.

There were sheep-shearing demonstrations:
There's Double-Time Deb Barnhill:

There's Amanda:And the rest of the team Sheep Thrills. That's Debbie (whose fleece I purchased) at the forefront of the photo:
Sweater for Brianna. Started it yesterday evening. It's going super fast in the round. (Don't judge me: it's acrylic; from stash.)
Baby and small child hats.
Baby socks, probably for sale.
The blue socks on the bottom are for Colin, made at his request. The other two pairs will probably be sold.

Brianna's Jessie gets a new hat and booties. So cute! I must admit this is the most productive I've been in quite some time where knitting is concerned. All above items have been knit within the past 10 days or so.


Lene Andersen said...

Love the sweater! Perfect for those grey, drizzly days where it feels like you'll never see the sun again.

lexa said...

Look at that bald little sheep!

That's a whole lot of knitting going on. You have been busy!

Ali P said...

Impressive, my sweet. I have been VERY slack where crafting is concerned in the last two weeks. Now that my contract is finished I want to focus on these important things again.
BTW, coming home in August.