Friday, September 17, 2010

About The Knitting

Recently I finished two major projects, ones that I am very pleased to say were major stash busters. First there was daughter's blanket tube, busting down the acrylic stash. She loves it, and I love the fact that so much yardage is not lingering and collecting dust anymore.
Second, was son's blanket tube, knit in Briggs & Little Atlantic, making for very heavy knitting. I am ashamed to admit that I still have more of the hunter orange Atlantic left over, but I foresee knitting a few hats for hunting season.
AliP, all that complaining I did about sewing in the ends? See this picture? Do you feel my pain yet?

And finally a test drive, checking for fit. I think he approves.

These blanket tubes were inspired by the striped blankets from The Morehouse Farm Merino Knits book by Margrit Lohrer. My many thanks.


lexa said...

Those blankets are pretty nifty, I bet my boys would like those. They're almost like a sleeping bag! Cool idea!

Dorothy said...

Blanket tubes ... how cool!!

You must have been knitting and wondering if you were ever going to finish! There's a reason I like to knit smaller things :)

Holly said...

Terrific! Those look like real kid pleasers.

Not to mention the great feeling that will come when contemplating the whole in the stash that is crying to be filled!

Caroline said...

Your kids look so cute, and the tube blankets are great. Can't imagine how many hours you have invested in them.