Saturday, July 14, 2012


My March Sweater Madness sweater is finally done.  Actually it's been finished for a couple weeks but I'm sure you've noticed my lack of blogging.  Laziness is the short answer. 

Anyway, here it is:

It fits.  I like it, and so does my daughter.  I'm going to have to keep a close eye on it lest it end up in her closet!

Currently I'm working on a mohair blanket.  It's getting really big and since it's been so hot the last few days, I've been avoiding working on.  I want it done though because it's a major stash busting project.  It's bright and it makes me happy.  It's a feather and fan lace pattern I got out of one of those little knitting mysteries. Don't make me look up my notes.  I will tell you later when I post a photo of the finished item.  I had to cast on over 260 stitches, and it reaches to my shoulders so far.  Yup, it's going to be pretty big.

I'm itching to get started on another (read new) project!  But truth be told, the Olympic sweater has been staring at me from it's basket so it might not happen for a few weeks. 


RobinH said...

Oh, that came out beautifully! You may need a security system for it.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Thanks! Never considered a security system!