Monday, January 07, 2013


Damned blogger!  Why do they insist on messing with something that isn't broken?  I like adding pictures.  A lot of them.  Do you think I can figure out how to do that now that "They" have changed things again?  I liked that I could upload directly from my computer in a single step.  What the heck is this Picasa Web Albums thingie? I assume I have to load things there first, wherever there is.  Grrrrr.  Annoyed.  That's me.  Trying to think happy thoughts but coming up a little short. 

You know what I've been working on?  A super fun and fast sweater.  I was going to show you.  Honest.  I'm using Big One by Fleece Artist, with 6.5mm circular.  I started late yesterday afternoon and I have most of the body done already!  How awesome is that?  I have been on a roll.  I got  enough wool for two pairs of socks from Hubby and the kids for Christmas and I finished the first pair yesterday morning.  Fraternal socks.  Although I did check that they were the same dye lot and colour, they couldn't be more different.  They are comfy though; I'm test-driving them today.  Again, show?  Not so much.  It was the Patons FX in cameo colours, if I'm not mistaken.  The cats used the ball bands for toys.  Need I say more? 

If any of you lovelies out there can help me out with the whole pic thing, leave a comment!  PLEASE!

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RobinH said...

Actually, you can still add photos direct from your computer. Picasa Web albums is just where Blogger is stashing them. Just click icon for images, and it will offer you options for where to find them.