Monday, July 01, 2013

Happy Summer Solstice!

Let me share something with you, because things of beauty should be shared.  This crocheted blanket!  Isn't it stunning?  I adore the wide edging!

I need to learn how to attach the squares as she has done too.  I may have to borrow a crocheting book from the library.  Never thought I'd say that!  But I am inspired. By crochet, no less. But seriously, Coco Rose Diaries is a beautiful blog!  I found a link to it this morning on facebook. 

Yes, this post is out of order.  Turns out I forgot to publish it, but I still wanted to share. 


RobinH said...

That is really pretty! I've already picked out a new join I want to use for my next blanket, though- it's the flat braided crochet join. See: said...

It's really stunning! And Coco Rose Diaries is a great place. I'm a quite often visiter there. Hope you'll like my works, if you go there. Thanks, Keira Brit