Monday, October 10, 2005

Setting Goals

  • First things first. The Senators are playing tonight against Toronto. A walk in the park, that should be. But I might be biased. Whatever. Ottawa Senators RULE!
  • And about setting goals: highly over-rated. I was going to crochet at least 2 rows every day on the blanket from hell. Not a huge commitment but a commitment all the same. Didn't happen yesterday. Instead I started a The Hunting Sweater for hubby. Plain, boring stockingette stitch. In "bleached oak", a plain, boring, mind-numbing colour. What is it about men? The goal for this project?? Knit a full ball per day. I thought that would get things moving nicely and possibly result in a completed sweater for the start of deer hunting season (October 28). Obviously I should read less Harlot. Especially should have skipped the entire chapter "Cracking the Whip" in her new book. And listening to her SOS Knitting line? Well.... #2 got me into proper panic mode. Thank you very much, Steph. I think I will let the cramping fingers be the judge how much knitting per day is enough.

Dumbass knitter! Dumb and incompetent.

What am I ranting and raving about? How about knitting the extra-long tail into the sweater instead of the start of a new ball of yarn? Duh.

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