Friday, November 04, 2005

An Update

Wednesday, October 26th was a busy day. Shortly before 2pm, my niece was born. As a first-time Aunt, I am justifiably proud. Her name is Wiktoria (pronounced Victoria, Polish spelling). Mama and baby are doing well. And I have, once again, reason to knit cute baby things. I am beside myself with joy!

Same day, Mary Moo Cow was enjoying her final moments. It didn't look like she suspected a thing. Must have been the bowl of apples I was carrying. Note the tongue.
I present to you the "before" photo:

The "after" photo. This is today. I spent two and a half hours with my (gorgeous!) butcher and his lovely wife.

It was nice knowing you, Mary. At your best, you were entertaining. On your off-days, a royal pain. You will be delicious, I have no doubt.

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Lene Andersen said...

Ah, the circel of life...

Congrats on the niece! Hope you have a ball knitting baby things.