Saturday, March 18, 2006

I'm Back

What a trip it was! Driving to Ontario and back in 8 days.

Things I learned this trip:
1. I miss my family. (But not enough to actually move closer.)
2. The Harlot and Lene can keep their Toronto traffic, thank you very much.
3. Libraries in actual cities have MANY more books than my town library could ever dream of.
4. All boys love G.I. Joe. (My son fell in love at first sight.)
5. Cities have better yarn shops with much more and yummier yarns!!
6. My cats still love me, even though I made them sleep out in the barn while I was away. (The sheep needed company, is the way I look at it.)
7. Driving with kids requires patience and good drugs.
8. It's always fabulous to come home, even a messy one with piles of laundry waiting to be done.
9. The last stretch of a long drive is always the longest.
10. I miss my family.

P.S. I finished my Olympic sweater. Pictures tomorrow.

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Dorothy said...

Welcome home!