Sunday, March 19, 2006

Less Than a Thousand Words

A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say. Since blogger is having issues with uploading my pictures, you'll have to be satisfied with my words. My apologies.

No sooner had I managed to lay the sweater down to take a photo, did Annie flop herself on it demanding pats. Apparently she's figured out how to get my undivided attention. (I think I need to clip her claws!) It doesn't take much imagination to conjure the disaster that a cat kneading a stranded sweater could turn into.

Anyway. There. The sweater is done. Now, sometime before another millenium dawns, I will take it apart. Yup. Take the machine stitched sleeves and shoulder seams out. I knew that rushing through the finishing process was going to end disastrously. I just wanted to get it done so badly! Now I pay the price. Did I mention that I'm not quite happy with the neck either? I'll tink that too. The sleeves need an extra 2 or 3cm. Same with the shoulders which will give me the extra depth for the neck, as well.

Revelation of the highest order: although scary sounding, there is absolutely nothing earth-shattering to steeking. Just make sure the machine stitch length is set to tiny, sew nice straight lines (I confess to sewing double lines) and cut in between, avoiding the machine stitching. Nothing to it. The knit facings are kinda cool to boot. Those must be stretched out while sewing to avoid bunching once the sweater is right side out.

I am trying to turn over a new leaf. Finish the myriad of unfinished projects I have on the go. Remember the wool blanket for hubby? Although it's grown, it has been sitting collecting dust on my sewing table. Which should also tell you that I haven't been sewing at home either. Everywhere I turn there are socks to finish or start their mates, sweaters that need assembling, mending for the family, sewing projects that have been cut out but not sewn, and cross-stitch.... The list goes on. Around Christmas I was cruising blogs, and someone had actually made a list of all their unfinished stuff. It was long. It was very brave of them to compile such a list. I am not that brave. I'm afraid that such an undertaking would drive me straight to a nice crystal glass and a bottle of wine (or two!). So now I am going to stop procrastinating, and do some knitting or crochet or sewing or cross-stitch....

Wine anyone?

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Dorothy said...

Why would anyone torture themselves like that? Write up a list of my UFO's?? No thank you!!

We'll just have to make a posting about each object that we finish. OK? Then we'll both know that we are accomplishing something :)