Monday, April 17, 2006

FOs and Birthday Gift Problem

Couple weeks and 4 pairs of finished socks. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Actually I have to graft 2 toes and then there will be 4 finished pairs to shout about tonight.

Now I go to the drawing board. What to gift a dear, dear friend of 20 years' acquaintance? It's a birthday gift that's required. He possesses a wicked sense of humour but alas, his wife is more reserved and demure. Not wishing to create ill will and discomfort (towards her), I asked him if she would frown on his receiving this. Apparently if he didn't die from embarrassment (which would have served my intentions just fine, thank you!), his wife would be sure to kill him! Imagine. A pair of socks then? How boring! Too warm now for a scarf. Maybe something with a Maple Leafs logo, since he is a huge fan and it would torture me sufficiently, since I am an Ottawa Senators fan.

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Dorothy said...

I honestly expected to see a Willy Warmer as the proposed knitting gift :)