Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Second Sock Syndrome

Second Sock Syndrome (SSS) is kicking my butt. I'm usually really good about finishing socks. These two (plus another I finally did manage to finish last night) have been lounging in my knitting basket for MONTHS! Good grief. The cotton ones I started last spring when I forgot to bring knitting to Brianna's gymnastics session; I drove 5 minutes to the nearest yarn store (Materia-LIZ-tics), bought yarn and needles, and got back to watching my daughter and casting on. The first sock was charming and soft. Then SSS struck. And the blue pair? Those where meant for my step-daughter for her birthday last November. Yeah, well. The stretch wool turned out to be as cranky as she usually is (how appropriate, I thought with every stitch!) and it was a major chore just to get through the first sock. Note the toe is still waiting to be grafted. I've pretty much convinced myself that since these socks will now be for me, the second sock should be that much easier to knit, and so I cast on yesterday and knit all of two rounds. That IS progress, no matter how insignificant!

And I picked up hubby's hunting sweater again. Two cuffs and about 15 rows down. I am so into this whole finishing projects groove. Something to do with the HUGE box I picked up from the post office with the latest of Carissa's de-stashing. Pictures once I finish at least 4 more UFOs. I don't even want to look at my new acquisition lest I cast on something.

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