Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Empty. My house is empty. If you don't count the cats and the dog and the goldfish. I am the only human in it. For at least another few hours. Maybe I won't bring the rest of the residents back. Nah. That just wouldn't do. I sure can enjoy this silent empty house while it lasts though. Talk about a vacation! hee hee hee

Hubby is at his aunt's summer cottage in Charleston with the kids, the two little ones, building a deck onto the back. I am home with the teenager (who works during the day, leaving by
6:30 am). I would have stayed at the cottage too, but I had to work on a wedding dress to deliver today, and I have to work at the jewelry store, but not until this evening. Plus the animals wouldn't have liked me for abandoning them without food or water. I am starting to think that teenagers may not be so bad. When he got home yesterday afternoon, he said hi and then went about his business. And later when he saw me sewing on a gazillion beads on the wedding dress, he had sense enough to stay away and let me work in peace. Good boy. We ate leftovers from hubby's birthday party for supper so food prep was totally painless. I am sure enjoying this quiet. And I'm pretty sure that the dog isn't going to rat me out for letting her sleep on the couch. I'm thinkin' I might have to send them away more often...


Donna M said...

Isn't it great to have some quiet time! Sewing beads on a wedding dress.....you are a multi talented lady! That would have me pulling my hair out.

Mary Anne said...

Ah sweet peace...I'm glad you've enjoyed some quiet time of your own.

crazyauntpurl said...

It's so funny how sometimes I'd give my right arm just to have someone at my house when I come home at night.

I forget what a luxury it is to have so much alone time.

I guess it's only a luxury when you know you can't have it all the time?


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

You know Laurie, it's funny about the luxury of an empty house. Around age 24 or 25, just the thought of being along for the rest of my life scared the crap out of me. Crazy, I know. I kept looking for someone to share my life with. Now that I have that someone (who already came with kids!) and we had two more kids from a joint effort, all I really truly crave is the occasional alone time. Just me, myself and I time. But the weird thing is, nothing scares me more (still) than finding myself alone for an indefinite amount of time.