Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Day Off

It's Sunday, but the sun is hiding. Go figure, on my only day off. I just hope it doesn't rain. I have piles of laundry to catch up on, and I much prefer hanging it out on the line than using the drier, or making the house look like a chinese laundry. I do have lines strung in the bathroom a couple inches from the ceiling and I make use of them on a regular basis, especially once the weather gets cool enough that the wood furnace is going.

Hubby is gone salmon fishing on the Miramichi in New Brunswick, compliments of the kids and I. Out-of-province fishing lisences are expensive but that's what we gifted him for his 40th birthday. Not to mention the logistics of rearranging mine and the teenager's work schedules to accomodate his absence. I'll be glad to see him Tueday evening. When he's away, I find myself craving adult conversation. And all of a sudden I can understand Laurie's brand of lonely. I think, I can. I mean, the kids are here, and they're constantly in and out of my room wanting something or other, but I want the adult back. My long distance carrier is no doubt thrilled since I've been making calls to friends I usually keep in touch with through email. Ah, the cost of adult conversation. Why is the companionship of a mate so often taken for granted?


Mary Anne said...

it's good that you are aware how much you miss your hubby. we do sometimes tend to take people and things in our lives for granted. So it's great when we realize this. I hope you will have adult company very soon..

Donna M said...

Enjoy your time alone, and then enjoy him when he returns. Hopefully with some salmon. What a great gift!