Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another work week Done

Yes. Amazing I survived. I worked well over 40 hours. I have been contemplating the sanity of working two such very different jobs. Don't get me wrong. This madness does have good points. For example, getting out of the house when the kids are being loud and obnoxious and keep terrorizing each other (and making me wish I worked even more hours!). One job pays a pretty decent wage and I get to sit down and I can wear reeeeally casual clothes, and I even like to sew and I get to gloat when I get three or four pairs of jeans hemmed in about half an hour and the customer is totally astounded and says things like: " I didn't think you were serious! You got them ALL done already??" and I say, "yes, of course, they're been waiting for you for while" (big, BIG gloating grin!!) Talk about your run-on sentences! hee hee

One the other hand, the diamond pusher job has great things going for it as well. Granted, the pay could be better, and same can be said for the commission, but you never work alone, there is a bathroom on the premises (you will never know how important that can be until you work five or six hours without a bathroom break!), you get to play with some really beautiful jewelry, the boss has a decent sense of humour, and the co-workers are a riot! Did I mention the beautiful jewelry? The unfortunate part (all in how you look at it, I suppose) of being well acquainted with the merchandise: one day (no, it wasn't a wet and stormy night!), a gentleman walked in the store and asked to see the most beautiful and best priced item in the store. Well. Me and my big mouth didn't take long to tell him, and at the same time part me from the one thing (not quite!) in the store I wanted for myself in a really big way. It was a very, VERY beautiful .50ct diamond solitaire discounted by 50%! Everything about it was beautiful: cut, colour and clarity, not to mention price. You know you're getting an incredible deal with the original price being equal to the full carat diamonds in the store, but being able to purchase it at half off. But that's how it goes. Inside, I was weeping, while I knew that once I told hubby, be would be absolutely overwhelmed with glee. There are things I must admit to enjoying. Such as the employee discount, the fact that I get to wear really nice clothes to work, I have an excuse to spend money on nice shoes (where before the kids were always priority one), and I get more bathroom time now because makeup is almost mandatory. I have to have good hair, which can be time consuming, but at least I get to spend time on my appearance. Before, it was always so easy to say, "hey the sheep and rabbits and chickens don't care if I wear pj's to the barn or if my hair isn't even brushed...".

A few last words since blogger won't allow me to upload pictures. If you haven't yet, you really should visit this very talented individual. Not only is he talented, but wears a kilt! Now, what could be better than that??


Elisa said...

Ohhh! I'd never survive a job in a jewelry store. Way too much temptation. Almost as bad as working in a yarn store.

I had the same picture problem with blogger until I switched from Internet Explorer to Mozilla's Firefox. Haven't had a single problem since. Good luck!

MLFTC said...

I am helping Kristy respond to all the knitters that have signed up for CAP!Thank you so much! We are so excited about the tremendous response! We are sure that this will be a success. If you have any questions you can e-mail at