Sunday, March 04, 2007

Power of the Sun

I love the sun. It is my lifeline. Quite often it is the kick in the arse that I need to get things done (even though I am a night person) during daylight hours. Can't very well start vacuuming when the rest of this house sleeps. Can't blast Phantom of the Opera or Queen to get me in a cleaning mood at midnight. I could, but I am unwilling to live with the consequences.

The sun makes my garden grow. Makes my animals happy. Makes ME happy. And makes me feel relaxed. And almost makes me think I don't need my happy pills. Above all, the sun enables me to deal in a calmer way with the stupid stuff I do on a daily basis.

I did stupid stuff yesterday. After the sun went down. Check it out.

My cats and I: Nosy Sun Worshipers.

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