Friday, March 02, 2007

Storm Anticipation

You all know that I have a problem with committment. We shall not think of all those ufo's demanding my attention.

I do want to show you what is holding my attention at this moment. (Not to worry, it probably won't last.) In Briggs and Little Sport, one ply, on 2.75mm, making 'em up as I go, a new pair of socks for yours truly. I cast on 64 sts and after the ribbing, increased to 70. I am hoping that will make these wide enough to go over my calves. Warm knee socks. For under long skirts. I will knit both of these at the same time so I remember what I'm doing. I'm not much for writing patterns down, and when the kids were born, the memory department went on a permanent European vacation. I hope it is having a very good time without me!

That's my pretty amber bracelet at the bottom of the picture. You must go visit Kitchen Witch at their new location on King St. The store is huge and so many temptations.....
Since Alison flashed her new basket, here is one of my new baskets. I like it lots and lots. The second one is smaller. I like the shape, I like the colour, I like the handles.... It was made for me!
Now I should get some work done before the storm hits. I'm not holding my breath but you never know. I bought more hay yesterday evening, and stacked it nice and neat in the now clean barn. I might get inspired to deal with the chicken condo, all the while dreaming of my new chicken barn. We have big plans for this year, bringing new animals in and expanding our holdings. Store bought food sure loses it's charm after a garden-less winter. I do believe it's time to start some seeds.


Ali P said...

What animals you gittin??? Do ya eat 'em or shave 'em??
I'm not starting seeds this year since I am coming home in July. Its starting to hurt, though.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

For eattin', there will be pigs, at least two, meat birds, turkeys, Hubby wants pheasant (maybe; depends how roomy the new chicken barn will be), maybe another duck to keep my girl company (actually she needs a man!).

For shavin', I would like to get another sheep, still thinking on the breeds, and a ram for the girls. Maybe negotiate something with Jo-Anne for a llama. Those things are soooo warm! I's just have to get it to sit on me during a power outage and I'd be good to go. Llama, llama, duck!