Monday, February 26, 2007


It's finished! It took almost three days for the silly thing to dry, laying the individual pieces out on towels, for cats and dog and kids to step on. I did the total submersion to give the wool a chance to fluff up after being wound on the cones so tightly. But Eucalan also did it's magic: who knew new yarn could be so dirty! I used every inch of all eight (8) cones of wool and most of the mohair cone. Here are the left-overs:

The finished product (which definitely needs a better photo, say in natural light and with a better hair day):

Here, the stash depleter relaxes with another stash buster. Knit in a day, three balls of eyelash yarn, cheapo variety, but don't you just LOVE the colours!? I do!

The stash is feeling lighter already. Can I go yarn shopping yet?


Ali P said...

I used that orange eyelash for one of the xmas neckwarmers I made!

Mary Anne said...

Beautiful sweater and I do love that scarf - gorgeous colours! Yes, you can go yarn shopping :)