Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Gab Session

Guilty sheep! For eating the snowman's nose. Baaaa-d sheep!

Hi! How goes the battle? It's Sunday and it is in fact sunny. Cold but sunny. All is right with the world. Well, almost all. Except for those nasty emissions that no one feels responsible for, or that they can do anything about. Good grief, people! Yes, you can make a difference. Walk for a change. It's not going to kill you! My hubby and I are constantly in a disagreement over this subject. Last night, I walked to my neighbour's house, to deliver milk, maybe half a kilometer round trip. I felt good doing it. It wasn't that cold. My hubby was completely incredulous: "You walked??" Well, it didn't kill me. Here I am. But when I suggest that he walk to his buddy's place, not quite a kilometer away, he looks at me like I'm a skein short of a sweater.

Not long ago I came across an older copy of Harrowsmith Country Life that had an article in it comparing city and country lifestyles, and which is healthier and more earth-friendly or some such. Get this: the country folks are apparently the biggest polluters and fat slobs (no, not a direct quote from the magazine, in case someone wants to get their panties all in a knot!). Yup, us country folk are bad. We drive everywhere, seeing how everything is so far away (pretty broad terms, eh?), and we don't even know what a gym membership is! But I am not going to launch into a big defense about how we actually KNOW where food comes from (no, dear. It doesn't just magically sprout on the supermarket shelf all wrapped in plastic!), and what it's actually supposed to taste like: you know, right with flavour, not made big and tasteless by chemicals. Oops, sorry about that. That was starting to sound a bit like a rant.

Let's change the subject.

I decided that this year I will actually learn to use my pretty spinning wheel. It's been gathering dust for the past year. Every so often I take it out for a spin, practice treadling, but get frustrated to the extreme when I try it with actual fleece, and it gets sucked away before I can get more. But this will be the turning point. I already acquired Fleece in Your Hands by Beverley Horne and Your Handspinning by Elsie G. Davenport from the library. AND: I will be crashing the Seniors' Library Cafe in March because a lady will be there talking about felting, spinning, and dyeing, AND giving hands-on demonstration/lesson. How cool is that! My apologies to all seniors in advance for crashing your party.

I'm knitting on the blanket in the round every day. The stash is decreasing little by little.

Lately I've been contemplating joining the Knit the Classics group. I signed out Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh and The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. Now that I have less on the go, the gardening season is still a ways away, I will again try to get though a book and maybe a project. That's not to say I jumped right in and actually joined. Yet. Don't want my first attempt be a recorded failure.

In March, I've been invited to join the March Sweater Madness, courtesy of the Sweet Sheep. Another good opportunity to knit from the stash.

I will prevail.

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Ali P said...

More Rants less politeness! More rants less politeness!!!
hee hee hee
I am SUCH an agitator.
Love the sheep and snowman anecdote!!! Baaaaaaad sheepies.