Monday, February 12, 2007

Bad to the Bone

Hi. I'm a bad friend. I haven't kept any of my promises to Alison in ways of supporting her weight-loss efforts by doing the walking thing, or keeping track of water intake (I must say that I am drinking MORE water, just not tracking exactly how much more); I didn't even buy a scale. What's worse (!!!) is that mere minutes ago, my very dear husband told me to "BACK AWAY FROM THE ICING!!". Never mind that he followed that bit of "support" with (and this is a direct quote) "you want your third chin back? You were doing so good." Kid you not. I don't think I ever had three chins. Loose skin under my chin, yes. Not so great genetics, sure. But not three chins. So as an act of defiance I scooped a teaspoon full of chocolate icing and made a run for it. Funny he didn't say too much yesterday when I was scarffing back the chocolate cake that went with today's leftover icing. Sometimes men just know when not to say anything if they want peace to reign supreme. Today, I was just trying to do a GOOD thing; you know, cleaning up the leftovers. How could anyone have a problem with that?!

Hmmm. Maybe I should buy that scale.

Not to change the subject, but I have knitting to show you. Ignore the fact that I am the most unfaithful knitter around. Yes, that would mean I started something new. Again. Never mind all those UFOs awaiting my attentions and affections.

I started a sweater from Very Easy Knits last night. In fat wool and (skinny) mohair, one strand each. I'm so funny and politically correct I kill me. But hey, get this: on size 10mm needles. Hot damn, those suckers hurt my hands. Today I indulged in Mr. Darcy and knit some more. I finished the back and have 6" done on the front. I am on my fourth cone of wool, with four more to go. I sure hope I have enough to finish. This sweater will be so heavy and cozy when it's done (not IF it gets done!). I'm hoping to be wearing it by the weekend. How's that for high hopes!

This is the blanket I was talking about inspired by a pattern from Morehouse Farm Merino with a skein for the next wide stripe. It's monotonous knitting, perfect for evening tv.


Ali P said...

YES you are a bad friend. A VERY bad friend.. Now gimme some chocolate cake.
You're still a bad friend but cake makes me not care..........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Mary Anne said...

ooooh, chocolate cake, I love chocolate cake....
Mr. Darcy's looking good and I really like the colours of your blanket.