Thursday, February 01, 2007


See that? There's been knitting from the stash going on. Here's Sugar inspecting (through closed eyes!) a sleeve of a cotton sweater-to-be. I'm winging it. No pattern. I figure starting with the sleeves may see this sweater to completion. STOP THAT LAUGHING!! You, yes, you! Stop it. Laughing that hard is BAD for you.Moving right along, that's the Lopi sweater that I started during the Knitting Olympics last year. Probably why I didn't get the Gold Medal. Anyway, the back and one front are completely done and I have maybe six or seven rows to go before the other front is done.

This would be Sugar modeling my Twinkletoes sock. I had to rip back the toe because I screwed up. Thought the sock was longer than it really was.

And here is the hat from Jo-Anne's mohair. It's now done, done, done and delivered to Jo-Anne. Hey, what can I say. I work for yarn. As if you didn't know. So sue me.

I will start posting bits and pieces of the stash for Alison's perusal. Just to show off. Nice of me, eh??

And I may be putting together another bag of donations for FRC. I dropped off four bags today and I feel lighter already.


Dorothy said...

What, and where, is FRC? I've been trying to figure that one out since yesterday.

Might need to go there hunting for your stash toss outs :)

Congrats on clearing out the stash - I'm slowly, oh so slowly, getting mine used up.

Ali P said...

FRC = Family Resource Center