Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Really Pissed Off

Finally heard back from the lawyer in the valley with regard to the purchase of the "dream house". I am ready to give up on the whole damned thing. Every ounce of positive attitude has taken a hike the moment I came home tonight. I just wanted to scream and throw stuff and generally act like a three-year old. Give me credit for not screaming or throwing things, although I was a bit short with the husband for delivering the craptastic news.

What it amounts to is that the seller of the dream house only wants to give us a two month extension, plans on keeping the original deposit, wants another deposit and the right to continue to try to sell the house. @*%&%^!!!

I'm going to sleep on it. I will try not to dream horrible bitter dreams involving timely accidents for my enemies (no, I don't think I would be able to name them because I really don't believe I have enemies per se, just people that I don't particularly like...). Tomorrow, I will try to rise above. After all: I have my health, a fabulous family and purrrry kitties. What more could a woman want, besides the dream house that is?

Hey Dorothy! I'm up to SIX finger puppets! I never figured that I'd have so much fun making them. That's what today's efforts look like, plus two that don't have faces sewn on yet. LMOL


Dorothy said...

Sorry about the horrible house selling/buying stuff. Wish it was all going super easy for you!
Puppet knitting is great stress relief ... and they don't mind being thrown around.

Ali P said...

Awww sweety. Sorry things have turned so poopy.
I didn't order the sweater machine. Its too scarey.
Love you.