Monday, March 17, 2008

OMG, Our House is Shaking!!

The wind out there feels like it's putting every effort into blowing this century-old house right off its rock foundation. I'm surprised the truck hasn't been seen rolling around the fields like a giant red tumbleweed!

It's shocking to actually feel this power of wind. I am in awe of it. I wish we had a windmill or two, to harness this power and use it for good. Whatever, I feel safe in this old house, knowing that it has survived and kept safe all the families before mine. So for the short time that I have remaining in this house (I am quite confident now that we will be moving within about a week!), I will stare out its drafty windows and enjoy the sight of the towering poplars whipping back and forth in their rather uncoordinated dance.

In other news, I am officially unemployed. As Hays and I hugged and said our goodbyes on Friday, the only telling signs of our true emotions were our overly shiny eyes. So we tried to keep it short with promises to visit. After all, these kinds of friendships don't come along everyday.

This one is for you, AliP:

Sam has sure grown! Still as cuddly as ever.

And now that the March Sweater Madness sweater is done, back to the regularly scheduled knitting.

These are both cotton/wool blend socks. Two different brands of yarn, and truly I can't decide which I like better. The red sock is in Cotton Fantasy and the lighter one is Clown. I love both colourways equally, as well. Please ignore the wine stain on the lighter sock. I have high hopes that it will come out in the wash. LOL

I was supposed to start packing today, but haven't felt inspired. Instead I poured over an old copy of Canadian Gardening magazine, making lists and dreaming of new gardens at the dream house. Not long now.

Did you wear something green today??

Happy St Patrick's Day!

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Dorothy said...

I like the darker socks better :)

WWKIPday = World Wide Knit In Public Day :) Come to Shelburne and join us!!

Wine stain - pour some club soda over it.