Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Help Me

Today marks one week in the motel. There are times that I feel like I can't breathe. That the walls are closing in on me. That I want hubby and kids to simply disappear and leave me blissfully alone. What a time to learn how much I love, and need, my private space.

The good news is that the kids started at their new school yesterday. I think they will like it. The school is relatively new, approximately 20 years old, and much bigger than their previous one. There are 545 students at this school compared to only 176 or so at their old one. The halls are wide and airy, the classrooms are spacious, and the playgrounds actually have equipment. After only one day the kids reported making friends. And came home (to the motel, that is) with LOTS of homework.

Colin's teacher is very strict and I think I love her already. She believes in educating the students. I know he will learn on her watch! He is woefully behind in language arts especially and it just reinforces my belief that their previous school was not providing my kids with top-notch education.

I haven't met Brianna's teacher yet, but I am looking forward to it.

We're in Bridgewater today for hubby's doctor appointment. She graciously agreed to let us keep her as family doctor since there is such a huge shortage of doctors in all parts of the province. I didn't want to give up a doctor if I didn't have to.

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Ali P said...

I have been wondering how the whole Motel thing was working out...I thought maybe you had a suite with a kitchen and two bedrooms?....No? Eek..
I am keeping ears peeled for whispers of a machine for you. The other two are gone. i called but matt said you were out.