Monday, April 28, 2008

School Trip

Brianna and I were invited to join her former class on a school trip to Shubenacadie Wildlife Park, and to travel on Via Rail from Truro back to Halifax, where the school buses would pick us up. Her teacher asked me to keep it a secret, and boy oh boy was she excited, not to mention surprised when I spilled the beans the night before the trip. It is a very cool and educational excursion. I went with Colin's class when he was in grade two, couple years previous. We lucked out with the same guide, Tracy. Unlike my first trip, when I wore a sun dress and sandals, this year I was thankful for my layered clothing but still wishing for a hat and mittens. Few animals never came out to see us at all, and the black bears had just woken up barely a week earlier. The Canada geese had arrived to nest and the gander was overly aggressive, in full protection mode. That's Tracy trying to keep him off the path and away from the students. He wasn't afraid of her at all, hissing and snapping at her boot!

And what would my blog be without a picture of a sheep or two? In this case, it's Dall Sheep. Check out the amazing horns!

I will have to make a point to go there during summer vacation, with the whole family. I'll have to remember to arm myself with bug spray.


Ali P said...

When I was 7 I had a school trip to Shubie. Is it weird that I still remember parts of that day so vividly? 33 years later?? Maybe just a little?

JB said...

Barb, I love that place. The last time I was there (summer 2000, which was the last time I was back home in Nova Scotia), I remember the black bears being so sweet and friendly!