Friday, May 16, 2008

Pen Pal SWAP

Lookie what I got from my partner of the pen pal SWAP "All about Me". I love the yarn (of course!), the colours are gorgeous.

Have you guys ever heard of "Flat feet? This is my first. A pretty nifty idea: you knit socks directly from this flat piece of knitted fabric. Cool, eh? Gives you an idea what to expect from your knitted item. The other yarn is Fixation in a very pretty pink. Love it! A White Belt Kakuro puzzle book--I'm looking forward to trying that. I like Sudoku, but this has a couple other twists to make it more challenging. And she sent treats too. Check out that trail mix... Yummy! And Endangered Species chocolate: dark chocolate with raspberries. If I didn't know any better, I'd be saying that she went out of her way to send me my favourite things instead of her favourites. Don't you love that knitting magnet? I do. Thank you so much Lisbet!! You're awesome!

EEEEEK!! Freaking ticks.... Just plucked one off my neck! I HATE those things! Creepy the way they bury themselves under the skin. This one was just crawling, and I felt it before it had a chance to dig in. That's what I get for hanging laundry outside. Now I'll be all paranoid that they're crawling all over me for who-knows-how-long. Geez.

Let me finally update you on my knitting. This is my lace sweater that I've been working on for a couple weeks. So far so good. I'm using a baby alpaca/cashmere yarn. Delicious!

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teabird said...

The sock fabric looks so interesting - did you use it yet?
Pretty lace....