Friday, August 08, 2008

Revealing a Mystery

Actual swatching. Shocking, I know. The first one was done on 3.75mm needles, the top one on 3.25mm needles. Technically my gauge isn't spot on but close enough as far as I'm concerned. Then there is the fact that this is cotton, so although I didn't wash and dry my swatches, I expect a certain amount of growth in width, some shrinkage in length. I will make adjustments as required.
Start of clue 1. I adore this colour. This cotton is sooo soft, and so shiny, and so beautiful. From Brazil. Let us not discuss the length of time it has languished in my stash.
That's progress as of bedtime last night. Haven't touched it today except to admire it. Still liking it. NCIS is good to knit by. Mark Harmon is inspiring. (Hunny, just pretend you didn't read that last bit.)
I'm totally into making those cute little stitch markers. So much fun. I wasn't able to take a decent picture tonight. I'll try again tomorrow.


Dorothy said...

That's a very pretty yellow!
And I want to see stitch marker pictures ... I use little pieces of yarn for mine :)
Last day of our ex. This afternoon is the halter class to raise money for the Epilepsy Association of NS ... hope it doesn't rain, and that we have a good turn out. (I organized this class)
Have a good day ... update on my blog tomorrow possibly.

Dorothy said...

Soo ... what are you knitting??