Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring is Not Far Now

Last Wednesday when I was in Bridgewater for a Dr's appointment with my first born, I decided to take a little zip into Liverpool to finally meet Sheri, of the Just in the Knit of Time fame. She does some lovely knitting, just like the lady herself. Drop by her place and say Hi, and scroll down to check out the latest escapades of Jaws aka Jewel.

That's Sheri at work. Who needs a stash working in a shop like that, eh? Confession: since I don't work in a yarn shop anymore, and therefore don't have that amount of yarn at my disposal (STOP Laughing ALIP!), I may have accidentally purchased three balls of sock yarn. And perhaps a few more at the $ store in Bridgewater.

Moving right along...

I'm doing the March Sweater Madness again this year. I finished the first cable chart repeat. All day I've put off working on it because I suspect it might be a touch too big (says she that laughed in the face of the mighty swatch). I know that before I knit another stitch I have to string all 26o stitches and try it around my widest part. Not like I'm procrastinating or anything of that sort.

For the record, I'm another 3 balls of yarn down from the 100 ball goal.


lexa said...

Ack! I need to go on a diet. When I'll refer to this photo when I want to eat somethinh naughty! Gawd. I kick myself cuz since I've had the Littlest One I must be 50lbs heavier. Ugh.

On a brighter note, it was fun getting to meet you in person! Hopefully we'll get to do it again sometime. Wait'll you see my next blog post in the next day or so and see the mess that J&M got into last night! Letting them run loose in the ball field was NOT a good idea....

Anonymous said...

a sweater that fits? what a novel idea grin). Have you thought about just measuring the gauge and checking the tape measure against your body?

then, when you don't like the lying numbers it is not anyone's fault.

Are we the only two doing this???

Ali P said...

260 stitches?? Holy snap lady thats a pile o'stitches. Are you using skinny yarn?