Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It wasn't too pretty in the Valley yesterday. Kids and parents alike were a bit shocked that schools weren't cancelled here. Hubby and I ventured out for a short while and the roads were hideously slippery.
I was in a bitchy mood all day (between my brain pain and super-long naps, anyways).
I think someone forget to send an email to Mother Nature that it is @*(%*$^! SPRING now. And apparently the robins forgot to cancel their flight plans. Poor buggers.


Pam said...

uh oh...snow again?! Apparently Mother Nature doesn't have a calendar with her in your area.

poor birdies!!

lexa said...

We didn't get hardly any snow down here, which was fine with me. I've had enough of the white stuff for this season.

Dorothy said...

I'm so happy we didn't get hit as hard as you did! (but unhappy that you got hit by snow at all)

Ali P said...

So....I guess I shouldn't mention the fact that we had sunshine and 18 degrees yesterday? The beer drinking on the front stoop? The garden prunings and yard works?
If it makes you feel better, today its drizzly and colder.

Lene Andersen said...

Yech. They're promising (threatening?) something like that for early in the week. IT'S SPRING! THIS IS JUST WRONG!!