Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

I hope everyone is out there doing something good for the earth today. Me, I sure am. I had a nap this morning, therefore I did not drive my truck, watch TV, have the lights on, waste water... And I'll be serving supper by candlelight.
Hey, every little bit helps. I am pleased to say that our water consumption has gone down in the last four months! How awesome is that? The water bill does not lie. Next month when I paint the house and hubby installs the new fascia and gutters, I fully intend on acquiring a rain barrel or two from which I will be able to water the gardens. Because I plan on putting in more gardens, much to hubby's dismay. I don't know how many times he's told me that he likes a nice lawn. I think he might see the light when he sees how happy my gardens make me feel, or when he sees that it takes less time to mow his nice lawn (and therefore pollute the earth less! ) I've tried but have been entirely unsuccessful to get him to embrace the wonder that is my rotary push mower. A trim lawn and exercise? What's not to love?

I want to thank you all for all your nice comments about the baby sweater. I wish I knew what kind of yarn I was using. All I know for sure is that it's wool, but my aunt in Poland had a bag of it in hanks for over five years, and let's just say she's not as obsessed with wool as I am. To her it is just nice soft wool. Even Tina commented how soft it was while I was knitting at 4-H. I am "just" a parent, Dorothy, but Tina is a Crafts and Scrapbooking leader and she was knitting on a pair of socks! Lucky Stars rock, what can I say? Pam, I'm really not that fast: I had the front of the sweater all done my last week in Poland, and I worked on the back at home watching TV, but other than that it lounged around in the bag for over a month. I must get it done before this child is out of diapers! I've already made allowances for extra growth with a couple side cables and made the sleeve cuffs a bit longer than originally planned.

Thanks to Balkan Style Bloggers for the link on making the sweetest organza roses.

For all you sewers, check out the new link in my sidebar, thanks to AliP. Got a fabric stash you wish to use up? Weekend designer has so many cool ideas.

Do you like baby animals, specifically baby goats? Go visit Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm and scroll down a bit. So curly and cute! I miss my farm the most this time of year.


Pam said...

Ah, I didn't realize you had been working on it a little for some time. I thought you had started it after you finished the socks. I though "my goodness!" Still, you're much faster at projects that I'll ever be. I'm such a procrastinator.

lexa said...

I should look into something to collect rain water. I am expanding my garden this year. Looks like a great weekend, and I'm off, so I plan on working on the expansion. I don't have a tiller, so everything is done by hand. Have to be careful as I have a bad back and bad knees, but it's good exercise!

Ali P said...

I LOVE my rain barrel and would have more. Mine has the screening at the top to keep out crud and mosquitoes, and a spigot at the bottom to hook up a hose. It came that way but there are plenty of DIY ways to immitate these features on a garbage can, plastic barrel, etc.
I potted up my tomato seedlings this afternoon using newspaper pots that I made using a half sized wine bottle for my form, full sheets of newspaper(tabloid sized), and masking tape to hold it together better.
Yes you are too a fast knitter!!
You finish WAY more things than I do.