Monday, June 22, 2009

Long Live Garter Stitch

Yeah, baby.

From Mason-Dixon Knitting. The Moderne Log Cabin Blanket. Being knit in Briggs & Little Atlantic, adjusting the cast on down to 36 stitches on size 6.5mm needles. I'll stop knitting either when I run out of yarn (I have a lot of these particular colours), or I get sick and tired of it, or when it gets big enough to cover the house. I wonder which will come first. So far it measures 41cm x 56cm (16" x 22"). It hasn't gotten old yet but then I've only been knitting on it over a couple movies. The Harlot is making one too and you can click here to see her progress. Unlike her, I'm taking some liberties with the block sizes, just because it's my blanket and I can do whatever I want.

I finished reading On Writing by Stephen King. Excellent book, well written. Inspired me to start writing again. For me it's not so much about publishing but about putting my stories down on paper, because that's what gives me pleasure. It also doesn't hurt to dust those cobwebs from my brain.

For those interested, I already ripped back the baby kimono and plan on re-knitting it in stripes. I may even use that funky stripe generator. Also, in regard to baby knits, I've been informed in no uncertain terms that I'm a slacker. By Mathew, the future father. Apparently his fiance's grandmother has already churned out a couple hats, four (!) blankets, and a couple sweaters. Now you got to understand that IF I was a competitive kind of knitter, this revelation would grate on my nerves. It would probably make me say things like "she's probably using cheap, itchy acrylic" and "the stuff is probably ugly as sin" and "the stuff won't even fit". Good thing I'm not competitive (although I kind of think that's why Mathew told me of her accomplishments, probably in hopes of lighting that proverbial fire under my needles to start creating many and marvelous little bitty baby items). OK. I am a little bit competitive. I plan on knitting more baby stuff for his baby, due date October 21 so I do still have lots of time, and I also plan on sewing a number of adorable pieces too. So there.

In other news, Sam the cat is finally on the road to recovery. After a week, he's starting to fill out a little, eating more regularly, spending some time outside, and actually jumping up on my belly for cuddles while I read. This is all fabulous news, naturally. Even the pads of his feet are all better. I suspect that he may have strayed to one of the neighbouring places that sprayed pesticides about a month ago, which would explain the severely swollen and red pads; it would also explain his weight loss if he was poisoned by eating the chemical- sprayed grass.


Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I am so behind on my Yarn Harlot reading! She's knitting a moderne log cabin blanket? Yours is going to be super warm knit up in Briggs & Little! Oh, poor Sam! You are a very good cat nurse. :)

Dorothy said...

Glad Sam is feeling better!!
And sewing will definately give you an edge on the grandmother :)

Ali P said...

Yay baby Sam. I was so happy to hear he was doing much better. Poor kitteh..noone likes to be "feline" unwell (get it? Feeling..feline..heh heh).
Get knittin' granny!

Pam said...

I read that King book years ago and really liked it too.

So glad to hear that Sam is doing better.