Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fabulous Find

I'm so excited! No, really? Yes!!

I read a lot. I'm a slow reader but I make time to read. My tastes in books vary widely and when I get hung up on any particular subject, I read anything about it I can get my hands on. The funny thing is that reading sometimes takes me on the interesting journey . I borrowed Stitched In Time by Alicia Paulson from my local library. I love it. Such cute projects! What's more, I discovered that Alicia Paulson blogs at Posie Gets Cozy and the blog is even better than the book. Seriously! You should check it out. It kind of reminds of Victoria magazine. So pretty, so feminine. So flowery and old fashioned. I love it deeply.
Oh, and may I mention here how evil my boy kid is. All day he kept bugging me for the 5-minute cake recipe. I finally found it and printed it from an old email from AliP(wicked, wicked woman). Naturally as soon as the youngest one found out he was going to make one, she wanted to make one too. No big deal until I smelled that cooking cocoa. I only went upstairs to check that they weren't trashing the kitchen, honest. Now, 10 minutes later, inexplicably I find myself eating a mugful of cake with whipped cream (because, really, you can't have cake without whipped cream!). Damn. And I was doing so good. Let me tell you this, and I know it may be a big fat lie because that's what bathroom scales do, but since hubby left on his fishing trip I've lost (and don't want to find again) five pounds! Yeah. I was feeling pretty good about it until this cake incident. I've been walking everyday, and yesterday even biked and swam. Maybe tomorrow I can redeem myself.


Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I got hooked on Alicia Paulson's blog two years ago, and I swear I spent a few really good weeks reading it from the beginning. If you have time, do it. About a year into, she explains 'the accident' that changed her life forever, and I actually broke down and cried for hours. I won't ruin it for you. I also love her engagement story, and am guilty of crying through that one too. :)

Holly said...

Congrats on the weight loss. Something about less formal meals and more time when the other half is gone results in a bit less eaten.

Plus exercise. Exercise is good as well!

Five minute cake? Oh, I need that (like a hole in the head)