Sunday, July 05, 2009

Leaving the 70s Behind

My husband is an avid fisherman, particularly enjoying fly fishing for salmon and trout. He ties his own flies and keeps busy off season tying special orders for other ardent fishermen. Every year he embarks on a week long trip to the Marimichi in New Brunswick with his best friend where they're up before dawn and don't quit until well after sunset to try their wits again the mighty salmon. A bit fanatical if you ask me. Especially if you knew of the preparations that go into this coveted seven day retreat from responsibility.

A couple years ago the best friend purchased a 30 year old camper trailer to make their adventure more comfortable. It wasn't long before their realized its shortcomings, like the leaky roof. Since they weren't able to make their annual trek last year due to work commitments, it seemed like prime opportunity to get some work done on it and so the trailer ended up in our yard. Time, and enough cursing, is what it takes to fix things apparently. You know how it is when you start to fix something, and underneath that problem you discover another one, and another? Yeah. I thought it was never going to end. But it did and when all the necessary things where as they should be, it seemed a waste not to gussy the trailer up. My very talented husband gave it a funky new paint job, and I was hired to update the curtains and seat covers from the 70's special of orange and brown.

Before: After:

Damn, it turned out good! Perfect for a couple outdoorsy kind of dudes.


lexa said...

That is really nice! Well done!

My best friend lives about 1/2 drive from Calgary. They have her boyfriend's family's camper that is from the late 70s, I think. They've put a lot into it, she calls it junk, but he has sentimental attachments, of course. It isn't as cool looking as yours!!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Sweet sewing skills! This is awesome. When I was growing up, the closest we came to camping was a Howard Johnson. I feel like I am missing out big time!! :)

Ali P said...

Oh! Its a tent trailer!
You know its amazing how some work can really pimp these babies up/out!
TERRIFFIC facelift!

willowtree said...

Nice work!