Monday, August 03, 2009

Memories of a Birthday

The little town of Middleton where I live celebrated its Centennial on July 17 & 18th.

On Friday evening there was a parade that very nearly got rained out but had a great turnout nevertheless.

There were lots of cool floats plus
dancing dogs in dresses,

hunky firemen,
and pretty princesses.

On Saturday morning was the 4-H Dog Wash Fundraiser to raise money for our brand-spanking new club, The Lucky Stars.

At the end of the four hours I could barely stand up straight. The kids were good sports but started losing interest once they realized how much work was involved and each following dog started to get less and less attention, leaving the adults to do more and more. Getting each other wet was a lot more fun for the kids! We had a professional groomer who volunteered to help out as well, and without Kelly I know we wouldn't have raised even half the amount that we did.

There were some great concerts throughout the afternoon at the Rotary Park, but my family only attended the last couple by Cape Breton natives. We may have snuck a longish nap after the dog washing. We were all completely wiped out.

Slowcoaster was fantastic!
Matt Minglewood played for almost two hours! What an awesome party!
At the end there was an incredible fireworks display that seemed to last forever!
And because I knit during the concerts, by the end of the evening I finished Colin's socks. What a bonus!


lexa said...

Looks like a fun time! Great socks -- Bernat Sox? Looks like the faded denim colorway.

Dorothy said...

On behalf of the Roseway River 4-H Club I say WELCOME to The Lucky Stars Club :)
Looks like you had a nice fun-filled time

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Lexa- That's exactly what they are. The stuff I bought from your shop! ;)

Dorothy- Thanks for the nice welcome!