Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thursday (I Am SO Original)

I want to thank everyone for all your kind birthday wishes. Thank you!

I'm currently reading a book that's providing me with belly laughs aplenty: Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster. In my opinion everyone could use a monster laugh that will cause tears to run down their cheeks. In fact, it's my belief we don't laugh enough.

Would you believe I signed up for the NaNoWriMo Challenge? I did. I've no idea what my word count is so far as I'm using a notebook and pen, the goal being 50,000 words. It's easier to be inspired sitting in a cozy bed with a cat curled up on my feet than staring at a computer screen. Which would explain why my blog posts are so sporadic. What I wouldn't do for a laptop...

After last week's burst of energy to get the house shiny and neat, I'm sad to report that sloth has taken hold again and all inspiration to clean has evaporated. Don't look so shocked. Just give me an hour's notice before you drop in for coffee, OK?

Last night while watching Princess Diaries with the kids I casted on hubby's sweater. Shockingly enough, I got gauge on the first try using a strand of Briggs & Little Heritage and a strand of Patons Classic Wool to give me the 13 stitches to 4" on 6mm needles. I decided to knit this sweater in pieces as written to make this project more portable. I wonder what the odds are that I will be able to get this done for Christmas?

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Pam said...

Oh that book is SO funny! I have her latest on my shelf but have yet to read it. Thinking about saving it for a flight next week.

Happy belated birthday!

Re you ? about the cat beds. I can't remember the exact size because another volunteer has the pattern and cuts them out. We sometimes make simple fleece pads for them to lie on. You can use them on their fav spot in a chair/couch or as a carrier liner. Just cut two rectangle pieces and sew together with a layer of batting in between. You can also take smaller sqaures and sew them together in a rectangle to make a quilted look, which is what most do in my organization but it takes longer. Looks great though.