Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Sweater Madness is Done!

Done! Done! Done!

For all the gory details please visit March Sweater Madness (link in the sidebar on the left).

Hmmm. So what's next? Maybe I should get back to the Olympic Sweater.


Dorothy said...

WOW!!! Beautiful! Congrats

Pam said...

wow! looks great!

Holly said...


I really love both the color and pattern. This looks like one of those "wear forever sweaters."

Anonymous said...

Your sweater is too good-looking for words! But what pattern is it?
I've checked through March Sweater Madness and the only reference I found there was for Coraline by ysolda.

With a lot more Searching, I have found the pattern! (Perhaps I am being particularly dense today?)
It is from "Turn of the glass" is its name. (Here:

Your version looks better!


Ali P said...

Beautiful work, Barbara. I am so proud of you and your mad skillz. XXXOOO