Monday, January 30, 2012

I Won!

Dorothy had a little contest and I won! Woot! Interwoven is lovely and will be on my needles before the week is out, or as soon as I finish the second lace sock (I finally finished the first one last night). The socks are a priority as you can see from this picture. Well, I may be over-dramatizing the need for new hand knit socks. My drawer is stuffed full with them, but not a single pair is all pretty and lacy. It's a Mary Maxim pattern for lacy Bamboo socks but I'm using a Fleece Artist Yarn that's all shiny and awesome and should last longer than the one at right. It's the same pattern that I used for mom's infamous yellow socks. Very easy to memorize and impressive as a finished object. What's not to like?
I know it's not Friday, but I couldn't resist posting this photo. It makes me happy and that's a good thing.


lexa said...

Blowout! lol We were neck and neck for the contest, lol - congrats on the win! :)

Dorothy said...

That is a great cat picture.

Hubby blew out a toe on a sock yesterday. Debating ... darn it (the real way) or darn it (where I stand at the garbage and say "darn it" as I drop it in ... or cut it off and re-do the toe.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Is the rest of the sock in good shape? If not, then it's the other darn it, but if it's good otherwise and yarn to expensive to chuck, I would darn it for real. Faster than knitting a second pair. :)

RobinH said...

I can see why that photo makes you happy- he's not rolling around in your yarn! (Though he does appear to be sleeping on an FO...) What a cutie!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Well, in this particular photo at least he's not on my yarn simply because there was a wool blanket handy. He ADORES wool! Imagine that. LOL