Friday, January 06, 2012

The Year of Surmounting the Stash

Kind of like a yarn diet but better.
Revelations of a Delusional Knitter is the leader in this grand adventure.
I have way too many projects on the needles and a major job will be to simply get them all in one place and come face to face with them all at once and set priorities. Like that 20 year old sweater that still needs sleeves. Or the 2010 Olympic sweater that needs sleeves. Or a shrug from a knit-along (I forget how long ago that was). Or the woolly long-janies. Or the fair isle knee highs....
I should stop there.
I want all those in the finished pile this year. As well as another couple sweaters, a vest for mother, a couple pairs of socks for each family member (yes, my stash can accommodate all that), a blanket worthy of being entered in the Exhibition in August...I want to win this year, damn it!
Oh yes, almost forgot the crocheted granny-square blankets I have started (a half-dozen at last count!)
And, and and... I may have bought a sweater's worth of wool in an after-Christmas sale for hubby.
But I don't have a problem.


Pam said...

you are too funny! I know what you mean about unfinished projects. I'm trying to do better and set a schedule to do so much each night or so much by a certain date. That way it doesn't seem too overwhelming when looked at as a whole.
I'm in the middle of decluttering as well and I have lots of craft projects that I thought were great ideas that have just sat there...for YEARS. I'm going to give to someone that can use them.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Wow. You sound more organized/ambitious than I am, Pam. I have been giving some yarn away that I know I'll never use (or anytime soon anyway) and I have been sharing with my daughter, who, I fear is learning the ways of a stasher. She claims her knitting/craft basket is too small. That doesn't bode well. :)

Dorothy said...

I see we have a similar goal - stuff to enter in the exhibition in August. I'm glad we compete at different Ex's :)
Good luck!!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Yes, we do. I'm glad we compete at different Exhibitions as well. I couldn't begin to compete with your shawls.